Product : HEARTomega

– 95% EPA to 5% DHA Ratio
– Fish Gelatin Softgel(not bovine)
– Pharmaceutical Grade
– 3C Technology= 3X Greater Potency

  1. Rich mostly in EPA
  2. Our Omega-3 concentrate is sourced from wild, deep-sea fish and purified to produce an ultra-Pure EPA fish oil concentrate
  3. The 3C technology helps bioavailability and increases potency by 3 times
  4. Pharmaceutical-grade scientific formulation with specific 95% EPA and 5% DHA ratio promotes cardiac health by providing a pure EPA formulation
  5. Developed by an American Board Certified, Interventional Cardiologist trained at prestigious Ivy League institutes in United States

6. The American Heart Association recognises the importance of the omega-3’s essential nutrient EPA in promoting cardiac health, lowering blood triglycerides and in protecting against cardiovascular disease.

7.Nature’s anti-inflammatory nutrient that is essential for health

8.The American Heart Association recommends, “those with heart disease may need more than 1000 mg. per day and may find it beneficial to increase their dosage to 2,000-4000 mg. Per day with medical supervision”.

9. A study published in the American Journal of Cardiology in August 2006 recommends that all individuals on a statin may also benefit from taking an EPA supplement.

10. Recently the JELIS study showed that even in those individuals eating a high fish diet, on statins, taking 1800 mg EPA Omega-3 supplement further improves cardiac health.

11. Multiple studies published in respectable peer reviewed journals suggest that consumption of fish or fish oil reduces cardiac health death, in populations with and without established CHD.

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